About the publisher

Des Esseintes Press is a project of the Moscow International University and the Moscow School of New Cinema. The publishing house is named after the protagonist of the novel "On the contrary" by Carl-Joris Huysmans.

Des Esseintes populates his castle with the fruits of his morbid imagination and his melancholy. His vast library is assembled according to some internal subjective principle: there is no place for Virgil, but there is a place for Petronius, and The Adventures of Arthur Gordon Pym was published "in one single copy by Des Esseintes' order on top-grade verger, page by page selected and watermarked with a seagull". Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

Our library is also collected according to a special principle. We will not describe this principle here, but will limit ourselves to a list of books that have already been published or will be published in the next six months or year:

  • Paul Schroeder "Transcendental Style in Cinema."
  • Christoph Schliegensieff "It can't be as good as it is here in heaven!"
  • Thomas Maho "Metaphors of Death."
  • Friedrich Keitler "Philosophies of Literature."
  • Hans-Thies Lehmann, "Tragedy and Dramatic Theater."
  • A book about the fools of the St. Petersburg underground of the 1970s-1990s - Sasha Popov and Dima Timchenko
  • Conversations between Alexander Kluge and Heiner Müller